Enabling S.M.A.R.T on two HDD

  Boluwd 22:16 16 Oct 05

I have installed Panterasoft's HDD Health freeware. It monitors the health of the hard drives. My problem is this..... It finds both of my hard drives but only reports one as being SMART enabled. Both drives are identical Maxtor 6Y120PO and are C:\ Master on primary IDE and F:\ as slave on same IDE.After much trial and error, I have identified the enabled drive to be my slave disk, the F:\ drive which stores all my music and media files.
How the hell do I enable SMART on the other drive (active system drive with XP home SP2).
I've looked in the BIOS (Award Phoenix BIOS vers 6.00 on ASUS A7N8X mobo)but cannot find anything to enable the SMART.
Any ideas out there?

  dagwoood 23:08 16 Oct 05

Bol Uwd, go into your BIOS and press control and F1 at the same time. In my BIOS(also by Award), this shows more advanced features. In my version, I can enable SMART by going into the "Advanced Bios Features".

HTH, dagwoood.

  splork 23:31 16 Oct 05

I have the same mobo - surely SMART, if enabled for one drive, should be enabled for all? Try turning off SMART for your primary drive and see what difference it makes when you get Windows up and running.

  Boluwd 16:44 20 Oct 05

splork & dagwoood
Hi you two, I've been away a few days so no reply!
I've uninstalled the HDD Health prog and now trying HDDLife Pro. I have confirmed that it is indeed the slave drive on the primary IDE that is SMART enabled. I cannot find any menu/submenu option in the BIOS to make any changes to the enabling of SMART.I've tried Ctr-F1 but there is no difference. The master drive is the original drive that came with the MESH PC. I purchased the slave drive (identical make/model) as a data drive. Why aren't both enabled for SMART? I don't recall the option being addressed when I installed the slave drive.
I'm flummoxed!!!!

  Stuartli 17:28 20 Oct 05

Try DriveSMART - it's freeware and works on more than one drive:

click here

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