Enable comodo at start up

  hiwatt 13:21 28 Nov 07

Hi folks,I accidently deleted comodo firewall from startup manager in winaso and it now doesn't show in msconfig.Is there a way I can re enable it to run at startup?It's vanished completely from startup so I can't just retick the box.Is there another way rather than having to uninstall it and reinstall?Thanks.

  mfletch 14:27 28 Nov 07

Hi, Did Winaso make a backup before it removed Comodo?

If yes reinstall the backup


  hiwatt 14:46 28 Nov 07

The backup only installs the registry entries it removes.I'll probably just have to uninstall and reinstall it.Thanks.

  mfletch 14:55 28 Nov 07

Hi, Try this

all programs
left click on Comodo and drag it to the desktop

Then left click it again drag it to,

Start {keep left click down}
All programs
startup {release left click}

This will put it back in startup under Comon startup,


  hiwatt 15:11 28 Nov 07

Thanks but all that done was bring up the comodo box with "firewall" in it.I'd still have to manually start it.I'll try a system resore.I'm reluctant to reinstall because I'm hearing that people are having problems with the new version(3.0)I still have the version before that.Thanks.

  hiwatt 15:24 28 Nov 07

All is back to normal after doing a system restore.Thanks mfletch.

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