Lee-262377 12:17 10 Mar 03

Can anyone tell me how I can get hold of emulators, what system requirements are to use them and how to use them. I seem to keep seeing you must have access to roms? what are they, where are they and how do I get them (can I get them?)any help greatly appreciated !!!

  davidg_richmond 12:34 10 Mar 03

which emulators you after? ones like cc64 for the commodore 64 need the ROM, which is a software version of a chip that is in the machine. usually you need to pay for the ROM but sometimes you can find it free. keep looking, cant help you as its been a couple of years since i had one. system requirements - had trouble using a couple of emulators on WinME, but emulators of old machines dont need much.

  cherria 12:37 10 Mar 03

go to google and type "whatever emulator" where whatever is what you want to emulate so "sega megadrive emulator" or "spectrum emulator" this will give you many sites where there are emulators. for most of these the system requirements are pretty low as you can imagine these days it doesn't take that much to emulate a sege megadrive.

ROMs are the images of the programs that the systems would run. They can be tricky to track down as there are copyright issues. Sega own the copyright to sonic the hedgehog so you cannot put an image of that ROM on your site without bring the anger of sega down on you. The issue is the same as for any other copyright material and the rules would be the same. You only have the right to play the game if you bought the original.

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