Empty Spaces in Thunderbird mail

  Henryk 15:19 17 Jun 05

I am running on Windows 98 2nd Ed. with AVG7 anti Virus, Zone Alarm and AdAware Plus with AdWatch.

Recently I had some Virus and Malware problems which are now resolved. However during the process of achieving this resolution I appear to have done something which is affecting my e mail in thunderbird.

When I open any mail, the text is all ok but there are large blank areas where I would expect Information in boxes possably with illustrations.All this is now just Blank boxes with a small box containing a red dot in the upper R/H corner. Anyone any suggestions on what I may have done or a solution.

  amonra 15:42 17 Jun 05

One of your "anti" programs has put a block on "Show Pictures". Have a scout through the properties pages to see if there's some clue.
Maybe one of the regular users of this forum can pin-point it exactly for you.

  octal 17:00 17 Jun 05

amonra is correct, I think you'll probably find its AdWatch. Also by default TB blocks images, but you should see at the top of the email that you can allow images.

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