Emisoft anti-malware - is it any good?

  MuDelta 11:50 21 Aug 12

What does anyone think? I use AVG free; should I change to Emisoft or something else?

  Forum Editor 13:22 21 Aug 12

AVG is used by millions of people - me included. It works well, and I see no compelling reason to change for the sake of it.

  onthelimit1 13:56 21 Aug 12


Looks as though Emisoft is both

website here

  Taff™ 16:02 21 Aug 12

Jock1e is right. I use the paid for version and it runs alongside Avast without any problems. I recommend the free version as well.

There have been numerous occasions when I have had an infected computer brought to me and Malwarebytes on a quick scan has saved the day but Emsisoft on a full scan clears out all the remnants of the infections. More so than Malwarebytes. And invariably the infected computers also have an antivirus program running. Be that Avast, AVG, Norton or otherwise - malware isn't always detected by these big guns! (Particularly if the operator invited the malware inside by clicking an infected link)

Emsisoft gets my vote as part of a security policy.

  MuDelta 16:24 21 Aug 12

Thanks for that everyone. It looks as though I should be running Emisoft and the free version would be OK but there is a problem; (should this be a new post?). I installed the trial version a month ago and when the trial expired and I switched to the free version I could not run it because I got a message saying that there was a major problem and anti malware could not connect the service application. Nothing I tried - reboot, reinstall & the Emisoft website wasn't any help. Comments please.

  Nontek 16:37 21 Aug 12

If Emisoft are not being helpful with your problem, I would give Emisoft the 'Boot' and go for another similar type program, there are plenty of free ones out there.

  Taff™ 16:42 21 Aug 12

I'm surprised a reinstall of Emsisoft didn't work. Uninstall it as normal and have another go at downloading it from their site and reinstalling. It usually works fine. Post back if there's a problem and I'll resolve it for you.

  compumac 18:05 21 Aug 12

You ask if it is any good. I have been using it for years albeit the paid for version. I know of several people who have had problems with infection whilst using other anti... installing and using Emsisoft Antimalware cured the difficulties, so the answer must be YES!

  MuDelta 18:49 21 Aug 12


Thanks for that; it reinstalled OK this time.


  Taff™ 19:10 21 Aug 12

Great stuff. Glad it's sorted. Knew it couldn't be a real problem with Emsisoft. It's worth taking the 30 day trial - they quite often offer 12 months at reduced rates and for me anyway, its a must have in my armoury.

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