Embedding Google Calendar - problems

  MrNewName 24 Feb 10

In creating a basic website for a society, one of the requests I was given was to add a calendar to it. The easiest way I thought was to add a google calendar.

The page shows up on my computer in both Firefox and Opera (under XP/Vista/2k) but fails to load in IE7. Neither will it load in IE on other computers here.

Can anyone tell me why this might be?

The page in question is at:
click here (temporary hosting until I get a domain name registered and some hosting space purchased).

If it does happen to work in your IE browser, can you please tell me the browser version and OS.

Many thanks,


  beynac 24 Feb 10

Works fine for me using IE8 on XP Home SP3.

  MrNewName 24 Feb 10

Thanks beynac; that's good to know at least.

  beynac 24 Feb 10

You're using an iframe for the calendar. Have you got these blocked in IE?

  MrNewName 24 Feb 10

I checked and they were not blocked so I set security to medium (lowest setting) and it didn't make any difference.

Having just reset IE7 it now shows up - not sure what's going on.

  beynac 24 Feb 10

I think that it is to do with the iframe. I've Googled and there are certainly some problems with using iframes in IE7.

One suggestion was to use the 'style' to define height and width, rather than the iframe attributes.

eg: You've got: 'style="border: 0" width="800" height="600"'. You could try: 'style="border: 0; width: 800px; height: 600px"'.

  beynac 24 Feb 10

I'm glad that it's now showing, but I've no idea how re-setting IE could have solved it!

  MrNewName 24 Feb 10

Thanks - I've just done that and will try a few other PCs around here.

  MrNewName 24 Feb 10

Burger! It's now gone off line till the host checks it out!


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