Emails on two computers

  s99Raj 21:58 24 Oct 07

I have a desktop which is connected to VirginMedia by cable (broadband).

I have a Belkin Wireless G Router, 801.11g, and a laptop. I want to set up the laptop wirelessly using this router.

On the desktop I use Outlook Express with two accounts. At the moment I use the desktop to downlaod all my e-mails, of course. Will I be able to access the e-mails from both the desktop and laptop, no matter which (desktop or laptop) I use to download them? How do I set this up?

  rawprawn 22:03 24 Oct 07

Just set up your email accounts on your laptop the same as your desktop, and you will have no problems.

  lotvic 22:08 24 Oct 07

I think you will have to configure the accounts to 'leave a copy of emails on Server' if you want to have the same emails received on both laptop and desktop pc

don't know what to do about 'sent' ones though, someone else prob will post about that

  s99Raj 22:09 24 Oct 07

What I mean is, if I receive e-mails on the desktop, will I then be able to then access them on the laptop?

  s99Raj 22:11 24 Oct 07

lotvic, perhaps your idea of "leave a copy of emials on the Server" will work.

Where do I find this setting?

  s99Raj 22:16 24 Oct 07

Ah - found the setting.
Will give it a try soon.

  lotvic 22:16 24 Oct 07

Outlook Express > Tools > Accounts > (account name) > Properties > Advanced tab and at the bottom 'Delivery' and make your choices

  lotvic 22:20 24 Oct 07

If what you are wanting to do is Download/collect your emails once, say on the desktop pc and then be able to access and read them on the laptop - I don't think you can do that, maybe someone else will post to say if possible or not.

  Belatucadrus 22:26 24 Oct 07

Open OE, then Tools / Accounts, Highlight the relevant mail account then click on 'Properties' select the Advanced tab and look at the Delivery section at the bottom there is an empty tick box next to 'Leave a copy of messages on server' tick it then OK it and close the Internet account window. Only do this on one machine.

  lotvic 22:27 24 Oct 07

Why on only one machine?

  Belatucadrus 23:30 24 Oct 07

If you set it on both machines, all the mail copies will remain on the server, result logjam and if you get a lot of mail and have limited space, you could easily lose something.
The disadvantage would be that if the machine that cleared the server accessed it first, the other wouldn't find anything.
User choice, I just prefer not to leave all my mail on the server. My laptop is set to leave mail on the server so that I can get it while mobile, the desktop is what you might think of as the definitive end point as it all ends up there and if I want to archive any correspondence, that's where it is .

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