Emails with a script

  jz 21:05 02 Mar 04

Here's two comments from a recent posting (rather than replying to that post, I thought I'd start a new one since that post was getting a bit long)...

>Whilst I wouldn't open any attachements
>without care etc, can simply opening
>the mail expose me to a virus?

>yes you can be infected by email it may
>have a script that is why stuartli said
>to not use the preview pane.

QUESTION: Assuming I use OE and I've got all the Windows/IE/OE updates from microsoft, can I really get a virus from an email that contains a script just by double clicking on the email but not actually looking at any attachments? Is this really true, or is it just a rumour that has been repeated so many times that everyone thinks it's true?

  Gaz 25 21:16 02 Mar 04

Fraid, it is prety simple to create some dodgy Java applet or Javascript within the HTML code to cause an executable to load. However microsoft are patching most of it up, so keeping up-to-date is a good idea.

Disabling Preview pane is a good idea, and also making sure you set to view all e-mails in PLAIN TEXT.

There are some viruses that already do this.

  Jester2K 22:02 02 Mar 04

Also don't forget that whilst MS Updates will close those flaw and exploits not all of them are closed.....

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