Emails received in a foreign language.

  21902 28 Oct 12

Two months ago I noticed I was receiving emails in French although I have never replied to any in French - because I dont speak the language. It has got to the stage where about 30% in my inbox are from French companies. Is there any way I can prevent this happening. On occasion I do get legitimate emails in both Spanish and German and I dont want to ban these. I know I could change my email address but that is the last thing I want to do.

I hope this is possible and any help would be appreciated.

  bumpkin 28 Oct 12

Delete them and bar the sites they are coming from.

  morddwyd 29 Oct 12

You should also have a look at your spam filters.

They do not seem to be working.

  21902 01 Nov 12

Thanks to Bumpkin and Morddyd. Have already tried suggestions but without success.

  Woolwell 01 Nov 12

Regrettably there is not a lot that you can do to stop them from being sent apart from changing e-mail address. You can however deal with them as they arrive. Are they always from the same addresses? Do you use webmail or an e-mail client?

  Muergo 01 Nov 12

I would install Google Translator then you would know who was sending you a message, it's free and doesn't give a perfect translation but it enables me to read the foreign newspapers every day.

  Forum Editor 01 Nov 12

I receive three or four foreign-language emails each day. They're in Spanish, Chinese, Thai, Arabic, Polish and Russian.

They are all spam messages, and all of them are deleted on sight.


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