emails, receive but can't send -

  Nontek 21:49 12 Aug 10

Desktop - XP SP3, using Incredimail and new (paid for)hotmail address. At first could send as well as receive without any problem, now cannot send???

Server details in Accounts =

Outgoing SMTP - 25
Incoming (POP3) - 995

All boxes ticked - ie, requires secure connection etc ... plus Leave a copy on Server (which I do not want to do) keeps re-ticking itself on repeated retries.

How can I set Account details to ensure Sending as well as Receiving??

TIA for any help.

  Woolwell 22:33 12 Aug 10


  northumbria61 22:37 12 Aug 10

Incredimail - Outgoing (SMTP) 25
Incomimg (POP3) 110

  northumbria61 22:44 12 Aug 10

You may also need in Servers Tab a tick in "outgoing mail" - "My Server Requires Authentication"

  Nontek 23:03 12 Aug 10

Thanks for responses - tried 110, still the same. Forgot to mention, message at end of sending attempt says 'operation incomplete', this is after all appears to be going well with the normal % countdown when sending.

Server is BT/Hotmail, via BT Homehub2.

  northumbria61 23:09 12 Aug 10

You could remove your account and then setup Incredimail again choosing to either configure your settings "automatically" or "manually" (with the account details given to you by your ISP.

  northumbria61 23:13 12 Aug 10

I have BT Homehub 2 and using Incredimail - my settings are as above (ie Incoming/Ougoing) Not quite sure why you want to use Hotmail as well.

  Nontek 08:40 13 Aug 10

Thanks again for your patience, - I do not understand your last sentence?

  kristain 09:12 13 Aug 10

Check your port settings. More and more ISPs are blocking port 25. you can also call your ISP or click here

  Nontek 13:50 13 Aug 10

I have been making other inquiries via Microsoft (on-line) and via phone number, but this was useless, no help at all. However, it would appear that I am blocked outwards, because I am trying to email all my contacts to tell them of change of address and email! Microsoft seem to think I am spamming, which of course I am not, I just have a lot of contacts.

Think I will cancel hotmail and ask for money back (had hotmail less than one month).

Thanks for all your responses.

  wiz-king 14:22 13 Aug 10

You can only send to about 30 people on each e-mail or the ISP will reject it, that may be causing your problem. If you send to just one person does it go?

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