emails with no sender name or subject

  lordav 19:14 24 Jan 04

I have started getting emails with no sender information or subject.
I am of course deleting them

But anyone know how they get through like that and wht they are.


  spuds 19:48 24 Jan 04

You are doing the correct thing by deleting. Best to be safe than sorry. If you are getting your standard email okay, then I would suspect that it is another form of spammers introduction, hoping that you are going to respond, which will then leave you wide open for a spammers paradise.

  Mango Grummit 19:57 24 Jan 04

Hi there, it is a bit wotnot (daunting) when you first come online but if you receive e-mails from anyone you don't know then just delete 'em is best. After all why do you need to read them?

  mgmcc 20:36 24 Jan 04


You might find "Mailwasher" useful for deleting rubbish from the server without having to download it first.

click here

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