Emails : no pictures

  Europa 12:52 25 Sep 04

When I receive emails including pictures, the pictures shows as blank squares with a cross on the top left. Can anyone tells me how to remedy to that?
I have an Athlon 850 and run WinMe.
Thank you in advance.

  Graham ® 13:12 25 Sep 04

Test your Java click here

  Europa 14:24 25 Sep 04

I have checked and I am fully Java enabled. What else could it be? I had this problem for a long while now and I don't know how to get rid of it.

  Graham ® 14:53 25 Sep 04

Internet Explorer, Outlook? What browser and Email program are you using?

  Graham ® 15:04 25 Sep 04

Put 'no picture' in the search box on the left.

  Europa 18:48 25 Sep 04

I use Internet explorer 5.5 and outlook express. I checked the thread coming up with "no picture" in search. I've tried a couple of things but it didn't work. There sould be a way to receive pictures in emails without lowering your security settings to low.

  Legolas 21:05 25 Sep 04

have you installed SP2? if so it doesnt download pictures in emails automatically you have to click on the message above the open email it says something like
'Some pictures have been blocked to download them click here'.

  Graham ® 21:38 25 Sep 04

Are these attachments? Can you right click to see the properties? Could be they are in a format your PC doesn't recognise.

  JonnyTub 21:43 25 Sep 04

Select the Tools Drop Down Menu at the top of the web browser followed by Internet Options. A new window will appear with tabs along the top.

Select the Advanced Tab and you will see a list of various settings with some options showing a tick against them. Locate the Multimedia heading followed by the Show Pictures/Images Sub heading - place a tick next to this option by left clicking on the box next to the heading. Apply or OK this change.

  Europa 13:27 26 Sep 04

I use WinMe so I can't install SP2. It is not an attachment, it is an email message, a bit like Argos advertisement. Actually, a long time ago,I remember, I could see the pictures in Argos emails, after a while the blank squares appeared and have been there ever since. A friend of mine is sending me emails with pictures but I cannot see the pictures. I must have changed some settings at some point but I cannot find what. I am no expert, actually it is my first ever PC (bought 3 years ago) I just bought the thing and started from there. The fact that it is still working at all is not short of a miracle. (Probably thanks to God Restaure System). I checked the Multimedia setting and everything is checked. Could it be software related? I have downloaded a few things in my time.

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