emails ipod touch ??

  hubdean 10:34 09 Oct 10

hi i have just got the ipod touch 8gb
and down loaded my emails theres 3400 of them
but how do you delete them ???

  gengiscant 10:41 09 Oct 10

Go to in box,then click on edit in the top right hand corner,then tap each email a red circle with a white tick will appear, then click on delete in the lower left hand corner.
3400 will keep you busy a while,why on earth do you have so many?

  hubdean 10:43 09 Oct 10

dont know why so many
but im noe deleteing them 1 at a time

  gengiscant 10:46 09 Oct 10

Go back to your email program on your pc and delete them from there.

  hubdean 10:50 09 Oct 10

are the emails held on my internet server

  gengiscant 10:51 09 Oct 10

Until you delete them, yes. Which email program do you use?

  hubdean 10:54 09 Oct 10

windows live outlook express

  gengiscant 11:01 09 Oct 10

You have obviously never deleted any email.
Go to your email and create folders for whatever emails you want to keep then delete the rest.

  hubdean 11:02 09 Oct 10

no emails on computer

  gengiscant 11:08 09 Oct 10

What about on Windows Live mail?

  hubdean 11:12 09 Oct 10

nothing but i will look at settings

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