Emails I didn't send

  Seadog 22:20 22 Aug 06

Don't know if this is the right forum, but........
In the past couple of weeks or so
I have recieved emails from various "servers" that an email I have sent to someone has contained a virus.
To begin with, I haven't sent any emails to the addresses that are mentioned, and I don't even know the recipients! I also got one today that said that an attachment on one of these emails thet I supposedly sent, "body.pif" was removed due to censorship!!
I have a couple of email addresses with blueyonder (Telewest) and one with Talk21 (Ex-BT) and all seem to be affected. The Talk21 email has long been subjected to a lot of spam, but I have never had phantom messages.
Have my email addresses been cloned or something.
Unfortunately I deleted these straight away so can't give any details of the servers (senders)

  VoG II 22:22 22 Aug 06

The chances are that one of your contacts is infected and the virus has spoofed your e-mail asddress.

  Seadog 22:26 22 Aug 06

Thanks VoG - But I havent added any contacts recently and what virus? I am running AVG 7.0 Professional (for professional just read "paid for" version!) so shouldn't that pic it up?

  VoG II 22:30 22 Aug 06

Sorry, I wasn't terribly clear. I think that one of your contacts may have a virus, not you.

  Seadog 22:34 22 Aug 06

Ahhh! now I understand, is there any way to find out who could be infected?

  johnnyrocker 23:05 22 Aug 06

if your address book is not to large you could try mailing them.


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