Emails don't exist??

  22EL 12:41 13 Apr 10

When I send from MSOutlook the bar shows 9 email sending when there are actually only 2 going?? How can I take out these nonexistent emails?

  wiz-king 12:55 13 Apr 10

Receipts? if your set up to send them or instructions to remove from server if you are on webmail.

  22EL 22:25 13 Apr 10

No that's not it. It seems to be the same ones all the time, as if somehting has gone wrong and these are stuck in no man's land. Any idea how I can reset this?

  northumbria61 23:10 13 Apr 10

Just a suggestion - Try File, Work Offline, Delete.

  northumbria61 23:12 13 Apr 10

This is probably what "wiz-king" was referring to and a possible solution -

click here

  22EL 23:38 13 Apr 10

file work offline ok but delete? Am working from outlook and the emails don't show in the outbox so there is nothing to delete - these seem to be in the background somewhere???

  northumbria61 15:51 14 Apr 10

This MAY help - it refers to email files also.

click here

  john bunyan 16:10 14 Apr 10

I hope that you have not been hijacked by a botnet. Have you run anti malware scans etc? I am not an expert in this but maybe others will comment.

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