Emailing Photos

  Baz48 20:08 08 Mar 07

What is the easiest (or any) way to email a set of digital photos averaging 1.5Mb each and totalling 105Mb?

I have a web based acount with Yahoo with a limit of 20Mb. I am not too worried about quality.

I am running XP Home and have never emailed photos before.

I do have a couple of editing progs but these seem only to offer to zip them, not to decrese resolution.


  Iron Maiden 20:15 08 Mar 07

try this it has a very good built in batch converter
click here

  ICF 20:21 08 Mar 07

If you open the photo's in windows picture and fax viewer then select email selected photo's they are automatically made smaller
or you could make them smaller in windows paint select image stretch and skew.

  wotbus@ 20:24 08 Mar 07

I have used this for some time. It's free and easy to use with batch converter (even a 1 click job for 600pixel size which is recommended for emailing).
click here

  Baz48 20:37 08 Mar 07

Many thanks. I will look at all three of these options.

Wotbus, is this 600 pixels recommendation the width whilst maintaining the aspect ratio?

  hssutton 20:45 08 Mar 07

Baz, how about using Picasa, then using their free web album, Max capacity 250mb, upload your images there. Now all you do is email the gallery address and the recipient can download the photos.

click here

Not too sure if you still need a googlemail eamail address, if you do and want to use this method, I can send you a gmail invite.

Simple to set up

  hssutton 20:47 08 Mar 07

Just one other point Picasa will automatically reduce the image size if you still prefer to email them

  Baz48 20:48 08 Mar 07

ICF, I can only open one photo at a time in Windows Picture & Fax Viewer and can't find an email option you mentiioned, neither on the buttons or by right clicking. ???

  Baz48 20:51 08 Mar 07

hssutton, thanks but this is probably something I won't do again soon so I'm looking for the quick option.

  steven_frost 21:27 08 Mar 07

if you have a yahoo based account you can up load your pictures on to yahoo their you can choose to to have the pictures open or have invite people to view your photo's the limit is unlimited so worth looking at this is the link click here

  GroupFC 21:34 08 Mar 07

You could try this (assuming the photos are all in one folder):-

1. Open Windows explorer and navigate to the folder.
2. Select the first picture you want to send and while holding the shift key select the last (assuming they are consecutive. If not you’ll have to select the photos individually while holding the ctrl key).
3. All the photos should now be highlighted. Right click and select>send to>mail recipient
4. In the window that pops up ensure that make my pictures smaller is selected (and if you want to change the size select “show more options”.
5. Then just follow the wizard.


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