email a vidio as attachment

  immer 08 Jan 12

I am new to making vidios. This christmas we wanted to send a message we recorded with a HD camera but it was rejected as a file too large. Talking to a friend they also have the same problems. What is the best way to do this please & what are the paramiters we should be setting up to get a vidio greeting message away.

  Jameslayer 08 Jan 12

Have you tryed using a program to compress them? This will reduce their size drasticlly. I dont tend to compress files so cant make a suggestion of a free piece of software to get.

  Jameslayer 08 Jan 12

Thinking about it have a look at cnet and see what they have to offer.

  robin_x 09 Jan 12

If you have a Dropbox acct (free) you get 2GB free storage.

Put the video in your Dropbox folder, then create a link to it.

You just email the link.

Dropbox is very popular and there are loads of how-tos and help if you Google. (or ask back here)

  Graham* 09 Jan 12

Upload it to PictureBucket

  lotvic 09 Jan 12

Perhaps a better option is to upload large files to online storage so that you can send a link for them to download the file.

Some on here use mediafire and you can create a free account click here for more details

  Woolwell 09 Jan 12

To echo the other comments the only realistic way to do this digitally is to upload to sharing site (the files are already likely to be compressed as muc as possible without losing quality) but there is a snag to this regarding upload speeds which can be quite slow. With HD video the file size can be quite large even for a short piece of footage. S be prepared for a long upload. The alternative is to burn DVD and post.


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