email - "too many hops"?

  Silverbeard 06:14 13 Oct 04


Sent an email last night to an address in

This morning it was returned by AOL postmaster - "554 Too many hops 41 (25 max)"

What does it mean. Did my ancient pc do something wrong, or was it me?


  Valvegrid 06:47 13 Oct 04

it means exactly what it says: click here

  Catastrophe 07:05 13 Oct 04

click here

"To compute byte-savings, they used the metric of byte-hops where the cost of a FTP transfer is the size of the file in bytes times the number of network hops the file had to make. This is a useful metric for computing network cost, and we will use this metric in our own simulations, although it is not trivial to calculate exact network hops between two arbitrary hosts on the Internet."

  Silverbeard 09:55 13 Oct 04

Thanks for the answers. As I understand it now, the fault probably lies in the addressee's mail forwarding. So there is nothing I can do from my end, except try again and hope it slips through.

I think that he may have set up this mail forwarding loop for privacy purposes.

Thanks again for your help


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