Email suddenly won't send

  zoobie 04:31 24 Apr 03

All of a sudden, 2 separate email accounts won't send email...while my 3rd is fine. I haven't changed anything. Is this more than likely on their end? I've sent them an email with my lone working account...but all I receive is a faq page.

IE6/Outlook Express/Win98

  zoobie 05:28 24 Apr 03

Little more info...I've discovered that it's only one account that won't main default. I'm now thinking it's their server. I've emptied any relevant folders and have yet to receive an email using my main default account. I guess I'll just have to wait 'till it comes back up again. Comments?

  hoverman 07:00 24 Apr 03

I'm with BTInternet and use Outlook Express. Whenever I have a problem such as yours I log on to their website and see if I can access my email account from there. This will usually confirm if there is a server problem. No good ringing their Status update number - more often than not it is out of date.

  vinnyo123 17:25 25 Apr 03

on the account thats not working did you double check Outgoing and incoming settings(pop3-smtp)check all settings with other accounts that are working......

  zoobie 20:58 27 Apr 03

It was probably the server...It's ok now...

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