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  carryduff 21:17 23 Mar 07

I have always used outlook express to send and receive emails but also get loads of unwanted stuff via Yahoo Mail, as many as 30 each day in the bulk folder. How can I set up my mail so that I only get my mail through Outlook Express? Thanks to all who take the time to reply.

  p;3 22:33 23 Mar 07

can you clarify a bit the help you are needing?

  sea urchin 22:34 23 Mar 07

This may help you

click here

  p;3 22:40 23 Mar 07

carryduff is apparently already getting and sending mails in OE so I for one am not sure what the query actualy is

is it to eliminate the spam mail or to get the bulk mail in to the OE program?

  carryduff 10:50 24 Mar 07

Yes sea urchin, getting the bulk mail into the OE program is really what I meant. Sorry for any confusion.

  p;3 10:56 24 Mar 07

right; what you need to do is open your server and open each of the bulk mails ; if they are NOT spam , tell the server that with each mail ; THAT will then move then from the spam box to the in box; OE can then grab them for you

does that help?

if they ARE spam then leave them IN the spam box on server and away from your computer

  p;3 10:59 24 Mar 07

please note; LEAVE the spam ON server IN the spam box; DO NOT reply to any of it if it is 'rubbish stuff' as that will only confirm the legitimacy of your e mail address and get you in deeper with MORE rubbish
only move to the server in box LEGITIMATE mails , nothing else; then OE can get them for you

  carryduff 11:10 24 Mar 07

thanks p;3 problem fixed

  p;3 11:16 24 Mar 07

YEESSS!!!! another success ;;BRILL!!!

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