email query.

  bob308w 19:33 09 Jun 06

Whilst away during the week, my PC received an email containing 6 a six digit number only. The "From" adress was my own! Any ideas as to what this may be? PC was shut down during the week and nobody has access to it. The numbers appear to have no signifigance.

  octal 19:51 09 Jun 06

Does the number happen to be ?

  Arthur Scrimshaw 20:01 09 Jun 06

I had an email from our Business Systems warning of these emails - they had scanned them and declared them free of anything nasty but advised us to delete them without opening anyway.

  bob308w 20:02 09 Jun 06

No, it appears to be 6 random numbers, no comma's.

  octal 20:14 09 Jun 06

I think I agree with Arthur Scrimshaw and just delete them, you might be able to trace the route back to an ISP where they orientated from by looking at the email headers, but I doubt if they will do anything about it when you find it.

  bob308w 20:31 09 Jun 06

Thanks for the advice guys, I will delete and forget it. Still puzzled as to what it is though!

  p;3 23:19 09 Jun 06

now I am curious; any ideas what it is all about?

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