Email probs after uninstalling Chrome

  Hetti 20:02 11 Dec 10

I decided to uninstall Chrome browser because I could not play card games on Pogo with it.
But after uninstall I tried to open a link in one of my emails but got "Application not found" this was the same for all links in all emails.
I reinstalled Chrome just to test it and the links all worked again.
What is happening here and How can I uninstall Chrome and make my links work.

  Woolwell 20:19 11 Dec 10

What is your operating system and what is your default browser? Having removed Chrome which browser do you want to be the default?

  Hetti 20:41 11 Dec 10


I will be using IE9 beta as default.
I run Vista home premium

  Woolwell 21:15 11 Dec 10

Is ie9 set as your default browser?
Click on Start Orb - Default Programs - Set your default programs - Click on Internet Explorer on the left and then "set this program as default".

  Hetti 21:26 11 Dec 10

thanks woolwell

I did that although I did select that option when installing IE.
I will need to uninstall Chrome again now to see if links in emails work now right?

  Woolwell 21:28 11 Dec 10

They should work without uninstalling Chrome.

  Woolwell 21:29 11 Dec 10

When you click on Start is IE shown top left?

  Hetti 21:39 11 Dec 10

yes it is

  Woolwell 21:40 11 Dec 10

Do the links now work?

  Hetti 21:44 11 Dec 10

They do work without uninstalling Chrome, but I wanted to uninstall for the reason stated in my first post, it but Its no good doing that if I cannot open links in mail.

  Hetti 21:46 11 Dec 10

yes links work fine at the moment

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