email problem

  knifepoint 00:28 04 Oct 07

hi i was wondering if anyone here can help me please, ive recently opened my website, which is an online game, people are regestering, but not getting the confirmation email. i have around 250 registered users but around 60 of them have not varified or confirmed their email. most of them are hotmail accounts. i realy need this problem solved because im loosing a lot of money. we are using a dedicated server, and ive been told most of the emails are ariving in the junk box.

  Forum Editor 00:37 04 Oct 07

are arriving in your users' junk boxes the answer seems obvious - there's something in the origin address or text content of your email confirmation that's triggering the junkmail settings.

Put a note on your site's registration page, advising people to check their junkmail folder in case your confirmation message goes there. It's not an uncommon problem.

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