Email from PayPal...Is it dodge?

  GibsonSt19 18:47 15 Mar 04

Evening all,

Received an email allegedly from PayPal, looking the biz (from [email protected])with a reminder to "Confirm your information".

The first para states "Dear Customer,

This is a reminder that we need you to confirm your information. This is a recent measure to protect our customers."

What do you reckon? I've been using Paypal for a couple of years now and I can't see why they'd need me to confirm my information.

Any ideas?

Thanks lots

  jon2 18:49 15 Mar 04

no its not, I have recently had one of these and have sent details to paypal who are looking into it

  ianeon 18:49 15 Mar 04

There are three(known) dodgy PayPal sites - I would keep off this one

  justme 18:50 15 Mar 04

Just ignore it. This is an example of a scam which hopes to harvest your details so that the perpetrator can use them.

  GibsonSt19 18:50 15 Mar 04

It's the highest quality spam I've seen :)

  georgemac 18:50 15 Mar 04

do not send anything - it's a scam.

  jon2 18:55 15 Mar 04

paypal ask that you send the details of these emails to them ie the web page URLE

  GibsonSt19 18:56 15 Mar 04

"Protect Your Password

Never give your password to anyone and only log in at click here. If anyone asks for your password, please follow the Security Tips instructions on the PayPal website. "

Why would a spammer say that?

  justme 19:10 15 Mar 04

The reason they would say that is to lull you into a falsw sense of security and make you believe that they are genuine. If you don't believe me then send them your details and watch your money disappear faster than you would believe.

  JayDay 19:12 15 Mar 04
  johnem 19:30 15 Mar 04

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