Email Notification of replies to posts to on forum

  kevvyb 19:25 05 Sep 03

Is it just my imagination or did I only originally get an email when someone replied to my post?

I now seem to get an email everytime I post a response as well which is a bit annoying. Is there any way to stop this and just be notified when others post a reply?

  Ironman556 19:28 05 Sep 03

I still get one email per post when someone else replies, but never when I reply to my own thread.

  kevvyb 19:33 05 Sep 03

This seems to be happening on any thread that I originate....

Is there a link to the forum editor anywhere obvious???

  Andybear 19:37 05 Sep 03

Click on the yellow link 'Contact moderator' which is just below the latest posting to any thread.

  Djohn 19:39 05 Sep 03

Right under this post, on the yellow bar! "Contact Moderator" Red phone direct to the man himself. :o)

  kevvyb 19:48 05 Sep 03

Thanks....must be blind!!!

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