email non-delivery problem

  griffo 17:55 15 May 08

I have discovered that Outlook is not delivering email to various Hotmail accounts from my Laptop, whereas the same emails to the same addresses go through fine from my desktop PC.

Both PC's use Outlook 2003, XP SP2, and Kaspersky 7.

Sometimes I get a failed delivery message but mostly, I don't.

Has anyone got any ideas what I can check to try to cure this problem please?

  birdface 17:59 15 May 08

Turn Kaspersky off and try it.If it works you know the faults with kaspersky.

  griffo 22:31 15 May 08

I'll try that and let you know - but as I said, I'm running the same version of Kaspersky on both PC's

  griffo 13:25 17 May 08

I tried switching Kaspersky off and sending a test email to a hotmail account that has failed to receive from me before and - it failed again!!

Any more ideas please folks?

  birdface 15:13 17 May 08

I know that Outlook express is stopping you using Hotmail accounts.But not sure about Outlook.

  griffo 16:09 17 May 08

why would OE stop emails to Hotmail?

  daba 18:19 17 May 08

I often get non-delivery to hormail from a forum i run, I think it's a problem with hotmail servers, bot with your Outlook.

Re-sending sometimes gets it through.

Try directing the problem at hoymail themselves, if enough people complain they will have to rectify it.

  birdface 19:30 17 May 08

They are stopping you from accessing Hotmail accounts in outlook Express.Now I don't know if it has already started but this year some time.

  griffo 10:02 18 May 08

Thinking further about this, I don't see this is the problem because both my PC's use the same software.

Surely, it has to be something specific to my laptop?

  birdface 19:12 18 May 08

Can you get one of Hotmail accounts to contact you.Then just press reply and see if it delivers Ok then.

  griffo 22:10 18 May 08

Yep - tried that and it still doesn't deliver from the laptop.

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