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  willo500 23:33 15 Jul 04

Hi guys,

How do you do that click "here", thing I see here to let people move to a website? How do I use it in emails?


  willo500 23:33 15 Jul 04

the click "here " hyperlink is wot i meant

  1911 23:52 15 Jul 04

if you just type in the url leaving a space before and after when person recieves the e-mail they just click on it john

  PSF 00:01 16 Jul 04

as above if you type in www. microsoft .com without spaces it becomes click here The site converts it for you.

  GroupFC 08:42 16 Jul 04

You don't have to use the URL in an e-mail, you could create a hyperlink using certain words.

For example in your message yo could type "click here", then highlight these words and go to insert > hyperlink. In the box that pops up you then copy and paste the URL that you want to link to an click OK. When the recipient of the message clicks on the link, they will get taken to the appropriate page!

  terminus 08:52 16 Jul 04

if you highlight a smiley or gif and then add a hyperlink, they will become the link.

  willo500 16:23 16 Jul 04

thanks folks. Simple I know but useful

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