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  Rocker 21:44 16 Apr 08

hi all. i use Outlook Express for my emails is there a way to recive new mail without opening Outlook Express a pressing send/recive button. i use windows xp and virgin meda brodeband meny thanks.

  Sea Urchin 22:28 16 Apr 08

I'm not quite sure just what you are looking for - you will need to use an email client of some sort (Outlook, Outlook Express or Incredimail etc) or access your mails with your ISP's website. Can you explain more fully why you don't want to use OE?

  Rocker 22:39 16 Apr 08

i want to use OE byt i was wondring if there is a way to recive mail without opeing oe so when i not a the pc new mail will be receved automatically and the pc make a sound to let me know i have new mail

  Switcher 22:51 16 Apr 08

Tool > Options will allow you to set how often O.E. will check for emails, also to set sound to play when mail arrives. However it will require OE to be open though can be minimized. Otherwise you can use a programme like mailwasher.

  brundle 22:53 16 Apr 08

You mean a notifier?

magic mail monitor; click here
eprompter click here
PopPeeper click here

  DieSse 22:54 16 Apr 08

If you want to receive email into an email client - you've got to have the email client running.

So you open it and leave it running, minimised.

Then you set it to do the pickups at particular time intervals.

And you set it to play a sound when mail is received.

If you open OE and look in Tools - Options, both of these settings are on the front page (ie under the General tab).

  Stuartli 23:03 16 Apr 08

Outlook Express not only makes a sound when new mail is received, but a mail icon pops up in the Notification area.

If you click on it it will open OE up from a Minimised state...:-)

  Simsy 07:35 17 Apr 08

Outlook Express here at work, so I can't check it's exact whereabouts, but somewhere in the settings, (I suspect under Tools>Options>General) is a box than can be ticked to "Send and Recieve messages at startup"

I think this is what you want to do. You need to have this ticked.

Hope this helps,


  VoG II 07:53 17 Apr 08

Perhaps this would help click here

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