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  maanse 21:28 11 Jun 08

Hi there, Im using emailmeform for a free and easy form forwarding setup, It works verry well.

The only thing i want to be able to do is have a field in the form automatically filled in.

Basically the form is used to reorder supplies and so will only be put onto 1 pc per establishment. The field i want auto filled in is the company name.

any ideas how to go about it? The HTML form will be stored locally on the individual sites so if another file can be added to automatically fill it in that would be ok.

thanks for the help

  Kemistri 22:11 11 Jun 08

Why do you need that as a displayed field? Would it not make more sense to include any unchanged data in the PHP?

  maanse 22:15 11 Jun 08

I dont know anything about PHP hence me using the emailmeform.

Im just trying to find the easiest way of setting this field for each individual pc it will be on.

The only reason i said to have it displayed is so that that preset info is sent witht the form.

Thanks for the help tho.

  Kemistri 22:33 11 Jun 08

Well, unless it benefits the user to see it, just include in the PHP that parses the form. Just add the data into an entry in the message section of the PHP (the lines that start with $message .=)

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