email delivery failure

  007robbo 09:59 18 Jun 05

I am trying to send an attachment to a friend but it keeps coming back as a delivery failure, it's less than 1mb and every one else has received it. I have even tried sending others but they come back from him too. he's done the normal stuff ie system restore but nothing seems to work. Any ideas please?

  DieSse 10:07 18 Jun 05

"it keeps coming back as a delivery failure"

Please tell us the exact error message

  DieSse 10:09 18 Jun 05

PS - a failure to deliver message usually comes from the ISP - so I don't think it will have anything to do with your friends actaul system. Maybe their mailbox is full?

  007robbo 10:12 18 Jun 05

it says postmaster @hotmail delivery notification failure, it happens almost instantly, could it be something my end

  007robbo 10:13 18 Jun 05

he's emptied his mail box junk and deleted messages and still nothing

  wee eddie 10:16 18 Jun 05

For instance, I gave out my new address as [email protected] and thought no more about it. After-all, I've had my business address with Yahoo for years.

Two days later I got an irate call to say that my mail box were bouncing.

Of course, the address I should have given him was [email protected], which is easily done.

  007robbo 10:19 18 Jun 05

thats ok as I can send him e mails

  DieSse 10:26 18 Jun 05

- so it's only attachments then?

Any kind of attachments? - some services won't let you send programs, .exe files and some others.

  007robbo 10:28 18 Jun 05

It's only just started happening which is why he did a system restore

  007robbo 10:31 18 Jun 05

yes and any attachments come back, he uses freeserve if that is any help- has done for years

  wee eddie 10:36 18 Jun 05

Some services limit you to 1Mg if you do not pay an annual fee

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