Email client for Win7 that is similar to OE

  Batch 18 Feb 13

Having just got a Win7 lappie, I'm after an email client that is similar to OE in a couple of respects.

  1. A single click does Receive (and ideally Send) for all my email accounts (that are designated to be included, as per the way OE works).

  2. All emails from all sources are shown in a combined view.

I've not tried Windows Mail yet, but it has been suggested to me that it doesn't do the above (and looking at some screen shots I can see what is being intimated at).

In addition to the above, I'm assuming that support for POP and SMTP is a given.

If Windows Mail does do what I'm asking, then fine. If not what about alternatives (e.g. t-bird, opera)

  Woolwell 18 Feb 13

Fairly sure that Windows Live Mail does a single receive. It is what my wife uses having moved from OE on XP to Windows 7. She has more than one email account.

Combined view from all sources is ok but are grouped by email account. It is to the to not from that combines them. Thunderbird is the main alternative. As far as I am aware Opera is not similar.

  alanrwood 18 Feb 13

Thunderbird will do it.

  Batch 19 Feb 13

Thanks guys.

Small correction - I meant to say "In addition to the above, I'm assuming that support for POP and IMAP is a given."


  Secret-Squirrel 19 Feb 13

Batch, Windows Live Mail should do all you want and it does support POP and IMAP accounts.

"All emails from all sources are shown in a combined view."

Each account in WLM has its own Inbox, Sent Items, etc folders. However, there are numerous "Quick View" options top-left of the WLM window that can be enabled to allow you select "All Inbox" or "All Sent Items" so you can see all the messages in a single window.


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