Email client configuration and advice needed.

  stannerz 29 Sep 11

I am currently using Thunderbird, Gmail and Zoho mail for my business emails. The reason I use all three is all three offer a certain element I need. (thunderbird mail merge plugin can send mass individual emails to clients, gmail is online so I can access from my phone, zoho I can send specific content from the Zoho CRM I am using).

My issues are 2.

  1. Since yesterday my zoho mail has stopped recieving emails and I think it is conflicting with either Thunderbird or Gmail.
  2. I currently have 3 email clients receiving 3 lots of email messages therefore I have to delete, change, edit, all 3 times!.

Is there anyway around this? Is there any additional plugins or ways to configure the clients to work together?

Any help greater received,


  Woolwell 29 Sep 11

I have never used Zoho so cannot comment on that but I gather that you want to access e-mails on the move and have the same e-mails on your e-mail clients when you return. For this I would use imap instead of pop.

  mimosa418 29 Sep 11

I suggest you set up Gmail to receive your other accounts then only download from gmail. Click here for instructions and advice

  stannerz 29 Sep 11

Thanks for the posts, I am using IMAP which I do not know how to delete emails off the server. No sooner do I delete one from Thunderbird, it then appears in gmail a day later when I am using gmail. Is this just down to the leaving them message on the server settings??

Also in terms of setting up gmail as a message fetcher, Gmail will house all then does this mean Zoho mail and Thunderbird will sit below and fetch from gmail or my mail server?

Thanks for the help, any links or youtube clicks really help.


  Woolwell 29 Sep 11

imap mail remains on the server. You have to purge the deleted e-mails. I use primarily use Outlook but this thread should help Thunderbird purge. Compact should do it.


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