Email client change for Epson SX400 printer

  BIGKREM 14:35 15 Nov 12

Hi Folks, Ive just changed my desktop PC to a Toshiba Satellite laptop. It has the driver installed for my Epson scanner and printer. But i have tried testing it to send from My Gmail account rather than my old talktalk one. It does the scan fine but when its attached as an email I get a message saying the @supperted email client is no installed.' Any idea how i go about setting this up for gmail on the SX400 ? Have a good day. Ian

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:45 15 Nov 12

Have you got your gmail account set up on the laptop?

  Woolwell 15:50 15 Nov 12

It took me a while to understand but I think that your problem is that you can scan an image but not send it as an attachment to a gmail. I guess that you are using scan to email using either the panel on the SX400 or the Epson Event Manager. I guess too that you are using gmail online through your browser rather than through an email client like Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail. In this case you haven't got a default email client that the scanner can send the image to hence the error message. The solution is to scan to PC then upload it as an attachment on gmail.

You don't set up gmail on the SX400.

  BIGKREM 16:31 15 Nov 12

Hi Guys, I access my gmail via the link on Chrome. Previously it was set up my Talktalk account but im in the process of moving my account to Sky. How would I set up the Google account on the laptop? Thanks for your responces

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:42 15 Nov 12
  Woolwell 16:48 15 Nov 12

One addition to Fruit Bat /\0/\'s post. You will need to download and install Windows Live Mail if not already done so. It may be easier to scan to pc and upload.

  BIGKREM 17:06 15 Nov 12

Thanks guys doing it now. cheers


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