email blocked

  Kate B 14:01 04 Jul 05

A friend is unable to send emails - she's getting this message from Outlook (actually, it's Entourage, she's on a Mac): "mail blocked http cbi [email protected]/lookup.cgi ip=" (not quite sure of any slashes etc as she's reporting it over the phone).

She's on a Mac so I doubt it's spyware - any thoughts?

  Al94 16:43 04 Jul 05

That message is an indicator the ISP has fallen into one of the spam filtering lists in use. Your friend should contact her mail provider.

  Kate B 17:19 04 Jul 05

Her mail provider is different to her ISP, Al94 - which one should she talk to?

  Al94 17:36 04 Jul 05

Kate, I'm not 100% sure but think she needs to talk to her mail provider

  Kate B 17:44 04 Jul 05

thanks, Al94 - she uses the same webhosting/mail service as I do and I'm having no problems; in fact I've already emailed them about her problem. I'll suggest she also talks to Bulldog, her ISP.

If anyone else has further thoughts I'd be grateful ...

  Kate B 00:02 05 Jul 05

It turns out that my friend had been allocated an ip address by her isp that had been used by a spammer and so her mail was being blocked. That's something I guess I knew theoretically could happen but had never actually seen. The joys of dynamic ip addresses!

  Al94 11:20 05 Jul 05

Glad you got it sorted - we are all constantly on a learning curve!

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