Email Attachments Being Blocked - Puzzled!

  axelbrora 09:23 23 Jul 12

Can anyone explain this.

I have not been receiving attachments to the emails from one source. OK from everyone else. The source is adamant that the attachments are included. I am using Windows Mail with a Pipex account.

I tried unchecking the option "do not allow attachment that could potentially be a virus" and got them to resend the three emails with attachments and also send them to my Gmail address. I received the three emails with no attachments in Windows Mail, but received them with the attachments in my Gmail account. The attachments were PDF documents.

I then forwarded the three emails with the attachments from my Gmail account to my Windows Mail account and received all three complete with attachments. Obviously these are the same PDF files that something is blocking and always blocks from the one address, but lets allows them from my Gmail address! I receive PDF files as attachments continuously from various sources and never have a problem.

This has me stumpted!

Can anyone help?


  lotvic 12:21 23 Jul 12

At least you are not the only one, do a Google with following search term:

Windows mail pdf attachment missing

  axelbrora 09:09 24 Jul 12

OK, after some research the following is my conclusion and may help others. Please feel free to correct me if I have it wrong.

It appears that emails sent with Outlook by default are sent as RTF format which Windows Mail cannot read. Somewhere in transit the body of the email gets converted to a format Windows Mail can read but not the attachment. The attachment does not even appear although the properties of the email state that there is an attachment.

By having the emails sent to my Gmail address Google Mail must have converted them, including the attachments, which is how I was then able to forward them to my Pipex address and see them with Windows Mail.


  lotvic 10:21 24 Jul 12

As I don't use either Outlook or Windows Mail... that's as clear as mud to me... (laugh at myself)

seriously though, thanks for posting what you have found out, it may help others with same problem.

  Woolwell 11:29 24 Jul 12

Outlook uses html as the default but it can be changed to rtf by the user. Some prefer rtf for security reasons.

  Woolwell 11:31 24 Jul 12

Apparently Outlook uses a proprietary rtf format and I suspect, as you have surmised, that Google is converting.

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