Email attachment

  Yimbo 10:34 AM 26 Jul 11

Sometimes, having typed up an email, I decide to send an attachment with it. But the attachment always opens in a new message page. How can I attach a document to an already prepared email - or do you always have to attach first, then type the message?

I use Outlook 2010 and OE

  Woolwell 12:44 PM 26 Jul 11

It's unusual to use both Outlook and OE. Most chose one or the other. I have never had a new message page open. Are you clicking on the file and then send as attachment? You can type the message and then add the attachment see Outlook 2010 and scroll down and for OE How to add an attachment

  Yimbo 13:09 PM 26 Jul 11

Thanks Woolwell - I can see how it's done now!

As for using both Outlook2010 and OE - I would be quite happy just to use Outlook 2010 - but I can't seem to disable OE. It keeps asking if I want it to be my default email, and if I click "no", it just keeps on going!

  Woolwell 13:43 PM 26 Jul 11

Set up your default e-mail client through IE.

  Yimbo 14:49 PM 26 Jul 11

Thanks Woolwell - - will do!


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