Email address on your site... 15:47 13 Jun 04

I have been getting unwanted emails from spammers etc. through my website email link for ages. I kepp promising myself to turn them into ASCII codes to fool the spiders, but could never be bothered.

I have now found this very useful site that does the work for you. click here Tought it may come in handy for some of you.

  Forum Editor 00:57 14 Jun 04

We've had the link posted a couple of times before, but I think it happened in Helproom, and your reminder is especially welcome here.

  slowhand_1000 20:31 14 Jun 04

Thanks for that barry.

I've updated my page straight away.


  Ben Avery 15:33 15 Jun 04

A good idea!

How do you do it if you want to specify subject/c.c. details etc?

For example, what would you type into the form on the link you've kindly provided to produce a link like this?:

mailto :user@

BA 10:11 16 Jun 04

that if you typed it all in, it would code the lot. But it's main objective is to make the link invisible to spamming spiders, so the subject line no need to be encrypted really. 23:25 16 Jun 04

it was of use to you.

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