Molly_Don 04:07 22 Jun 09

I've sent a family member an email, how can I find out if they've received the email or whether it's ended up in cyberspace?

I don't wish to phone unless I have to but I've no idea if they've blocked me on their email list.

Thanks for any assistance.

  Molly_Don 04:21 22 Jun 09

I forgot to say, I sent this from a Yahoo a/c to a Yahoo a/c.

  mooly 07:23 22 Jun 09

I don't think you can easily, not with Yahoo anyway, although I believe there is (was !!) something called Yahoo Plus where you could pay and have the facility to confirm that a message was delivered... it's a good question though. Something we probably all wonder at some point.

  Clapton is God 10:54 22 Jun 09

Probably a bit late for your purposes, but if you're sending e-mail from a POP3 (as opposed to webmail) account, the free version of MSGTAG click here will let you know when an e-mail has been opened (but not necessarily read!!) by the recipient.

  Molly_Don 13:17 22 Jun 09

Thx for the replies

  Terry Brown 13:19 22 Jun 09

Why would a member of your family want to block you ?.

  Molly_Don 15:47 22 Jun 09

"Why would a member of your family want to block you?"

We had a family dispute, I've emailed them because at this stage, I'd rather not phone.

  Furkin 17:07 22 Jun 09

Terry: that's nothing to do with anyone !

The OP asked a technical question,,, if he/she wanted us to know about their private life, they would have included it.

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