legendcrest 11:49 01 Jul 08

I want to set up a staff email.what is the industry standard on creating a password.Do the web administrator give each person a password or allow them to change the password later

  Terry Brown 12:31 01 Jul 08

If you register your own domain with a company (e.g.heartinternet), which costs from about £6 for 2 years, and take out either a free package, or a payable one you will get from 100 email addresses (depending on the package), where you can set the user name and password .

If your registered your domain as 'betterbuilders', you would have email addresses like [email protected], [email protected] etc.. You put in your own prefix and set your own password, usually a combination of letters and numbers, but not whole names.
Does this help

  Forum Member2 13:12 01 Jul 08

you can use a system like google apps

click here

what I did was create the email address and create a password 123456 i then set it to change when the person logs on, this system is great and is so easy to set up

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