User-178362 20:57 29 Jul 06

Could you please tell me is there a way of getting back email address that I have deleted?

  Tim1964 21:02 29 Jul 06

Do you mean someone else's? If yes then just add it to your address book.

If you mean one of the ones you use then, in Outlook Express,

Open OE
select Tools>Accounts>Add>Mail and run through the wizard......Name/email address/ Enter the detials of the POP and SMTP settings (available from your ISPs website, complete the wizard and your done.

  User-178362 21:10 29 Jul 06

I have deleted someones email. Not sure what it was called. If I was to have a choice of emails that I have deleted I would know which one it was because I would recognize it.

  User-178362 21:30 29 Jul 06

I have got as far as Internet connection wizard
E-mail Server Names. My incoming mail server is POP-. There is a box saying Incoming mail (POP- IMAP or Http)server. 2. SMTP server is the server that is used for your outgoing email. A box SM-- server is the server that is used for your outgoing email, then Outgoing mail SM--)server. SMTP setting (available from your ISPs website, lost here where you say ISPs wevsute, I am with NTL do I have to go onto NTL website and type in somthing?

  Tim1964 00:19 30 Jul 06

The advice above concerning the POP and SMTP bit was to set up your own address again, so not relevent in this case.

I take it you have deleted the email from the 'deleted items' folder?

You could try this click here

Or search your hard disk for any files containg a keyword from the email.

Also search for all files *.dbx (including the asterix) this will throw up a list of email folders. Double click the 'deleted items' file and when the ' with...' box pops up choose Wordpad. Remember to DESELECT the 'Always open with this prog' bit.

Wordpad will open and it will look like a load of symbols/words/etc.

Somewhere in there you may recognise the address you're after.

  DieSse 00:22 30 Jul 06

*I have got as far as Internet connection wizard*

The "Internet Connection Wizard" is, unsurprisingly, to help you make a connection to the internet. - it's nothing to do with finding old emails.

Where are your emails normally, in your system, using Outlook Express - or on-line at NTL?

Is it an address you've lost, from an address book? - or an email you've lost that had an email address you want to get back?

  User-178362 19:59 04 Aug 06

Outlook Express. I have lost both

  Woolwell 21:16 04 Aug 06

Have you sent an e-mail to the person before?

If so have a look in your sent items folder and see if it is there and get the address from that.

  User-178362 21:20 04 Aug 06

I have deleted my sent folder, I will let it go not so important. Thank you to everyone. I still value this info as one day it might be important.

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