pat2068 00:24 29 Aug 03

just received an email with an attachment and the subject was systems error mail returned i have not sent any emails from thar address in months could this be a virus i have deleted it anyway thanks mary

  whybe 00:38 29 Aug 03

I delete anything from anyone I don't recognise and with a subject like that, what's been happening over the last few days and from an unused address I reckon you have done the right thing. Make sure you run a virus scan to be on the safe side.

  pat2068 00:42 29 Aug 03

have run stinger and doing norton scan just now thanks mary

  pat2068 01:26 29 Aug 03


  Gaz 25 01:46 29 Aug 03

Run this: click here

it sounds like your PC is sending a virus out.

  pat2068 02:11 29 Aug 03

i have now scanned with norton, panda, and the stinger and have all came out clean any more help please thanks mary

  pat2068 19:24 29 Aug 03


  Gaz 25 19:27 29 Aug 03

You must be clean then, you can be sure yuo dont have a virus.

  Gaz 25 19:28 29 Aug 03

Was there an attachment name? Such as cool.scr?

  pat2068 19:29 29 Aug 03

dont know dident look just deleted it thanks mary

  Audeal 21:22 29 Aug 03

If more people deleted unknown e-mails instead of letting their curiosity get the better of them and opening them, Attachment's or not, then fewer people would get these viruses and then maybe these sick people would go away and leave us alone. The worse thing anyone can do is have their Preview pane active, a sure way of getting and running a virus.

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