emabarring problem with 'most visited sites'

  sandmartin 10:13 10 Aug 09

I've visited some sites that I'd rather my partner wasnt aware of - I've deleted from history, deleted the google toolbar but concerned about this 'most visited sites' thing. She has a google account so i'm presuming if she signs in to that and clicks on 'most visted' up will come my emabarrasment - is this true and if so anything i can do about it? I dont have a google account by the way.

  birdface 10:20 10 Aug 09

You could try.Internet options.Content.Settings.And untick browsing History Apply Ok and see if that works.

  birdface 10:23 10 Aug 09

Or maybe Internet Options.1st Settings.Just Dot never.Ok and see if that helps.

  sandmartin 11:04 10 Aug 09

yep done that but no joy. I created a google account earlier today and when I sign in and click on web history it still displays what i've browsed today!

  birdface 11:18 10 Aug 09

[I don't have a Google account by the way]
Sorry but not sure how it works.
I would imagine if your partner has the Google account I cannot see how he or she can access your visited sites on that,
If you use different user accounts there should be no problem.
I am sure someone will be able to give you the proper advice that you need.

  birdface 11:24 10 Aug 09

Not sure if anything on here helps.

click here

  Andsome 11:30 10 Aug 09

Put it down to one of lifes valuable lessons learned.

  Rayle 12:06 10 Aug 09

Download and install Firefox, then set to to Private browsing

  Confab 12:26 10 Aug 09
  oldbeefer2 12:34 10 Aug 09

Or Chrome and use the incognito feature (doesn't help with sites you've already been to. Wonder if CCleaner would remove those?)

  peterjg1972 12:53 10 Aug 09

If you can't fix it the above ways, you could just
choose a few random sites and visit them several times daily to try and knock the embarassing one off the list!

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