Electronic portfolios


I would like to create an electronic portfolio which stores a trainees reponses on an html type form, this form should be accessed regularly and eventually stored onto a disk file. Does any body have any idea how I may start or which software I should use.
Jim H

  Taran 13:16 06 Mar 04

I'm not sure from your description exactly what it is you want. Whe you say a portfolio are you aiming for a questionnaire, test or quiz of some sort ?

Do you want to store results of answers to questions to recall at a later date ?

Do you want to be able to store form submissions in a database for later processing or would the results of each day/week/month be sent via email ?

Do you want the selections from last week [for the sake of argument] to show on this weeks list until the final answers or input has been given then the whole thing is processed ?

Do you have any web editing software and of so which product and which version ?

Is your site or the site this will be included on currently hosted and if so are you using Windows IIS hosting with ASP and Access support or are you on Apache with PHP and MySQL ?

Sorry for all the questions but I'm flying blind a bit here.

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