ElectricalExpert Please

  laurie53 10:48 02 Aug 08

12 v lead acid battery, deep discharge type, used on indoor power wheelchair, gel electrolyte.

Should I allow it to discharge in use and recharge say once a week or so, or as required, or leave on charge overnight, every night, and keep it at max capacity?

  MAJ 10:57 02 Aug 08

In the absense of a definitive answer, laurie53, a friend of mine owns a motability service place click here, if you wish you can phone him (Malachy) and give him the exact specs and he'll tell you for sure.

  Seth Haniel 11:11 02 Aug 08

if you use it a lot every day - recharge it every night - if only a small amount every other night - in ideal use it should be discharged slowly and recharged slowly - ie a low poeer trickle charge overnight .

is it this type? i know nothing but some reading click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:45 02 Aug 08

Lead Acid batteries have different characteristics from the Nicad type i.e. no memory so it does't matter about fully discharge recharge every time.

Plug in, charge up, every night, ready for use each day.

Every so often (3/4 months) let them run really low (but not totally flat) before recharging, this helps keep the plates free from what was called "sulphating".

  oldbeefer2 12:25 02 Aug 08

I use one of these click here for my bike - it is more sophisticated that a plain charger and might be suitable for your needs.

  mfletch 12:50 02 Aug 08

As above lead acid batteries can be charged at any time {no memory}

Don;t let them get to rundown

  Pamy 14:55 02 Aug 08

What does the power wheelchair supplier tell you to do?

  laurie53 20:44 02 Aug 08

Thanks for the responses.

Obviously I will be using the supplied charger.

So far as Mobility suppliers go, they tend to give conflicting information, similarly, some wheelchair suppliers tell you to do what will enable them to sell the most replacement batteries!

That's why I wanted an independent expert.

Unless you are familiar with disability suppliers and their prices and practices you have no idea what a jungle it is out there!

My own instinct is as per a couple of suggestions - keep it topped up, as per a car battery, but because it's a gel electrolyte, deep discharge it every so often to reduce sulphation.

Compared with car batteries mobility batteries have a very short life. On my last service visit the guy complimented me on managing to keep a pair going for eighteen months!

They are also comparatively very expensive, you normally need a pair, at around £70 each, but can be a bit cheaper if you can find a golf cart battery with the right spec.

  Pamy 21:50 02 Aug 08

what about the battry manufactures then?

  Pamy 22:08 02 Aug 08

This site may be of help click here

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