electrical sockets to phone and max REN number

  mco 19:07 16 Oct 04

Apologies if this has been covered before - couldn't find it on the search. Can anyone give info on those gizmos that change your electrical socket to make it fit a phone - and how does it affect the REN number? How bad is it to exceed 4 REN max? Is it worth the risk? (I ask because I'm up to 4 REN and was thinking of adding phoneconnection in son's room via electric socket to work a BT internet connection but it would put me over the REN limit)

  g0slp 19:14 16 Oct 04

I don't know about plug-in units, but as far as REN goes, I think that if your exchange is close, and/or the cables are good, then you may be able to get away with more. The REN=4 is what every line should be able to take.

I know this because I came home on one occasion to discover that we were up to REN=6, after certain 'helpful' individuals in the house had plugged phones into every socket that they could find! Our exchange is fairly close, & cables are only 6 years old max.

If you exceed REN=4 then your phones may not ring out when someone calls you.

  Graham ® 19:46 16 Oct 04

I think mco is asking about click here

  Graham ® 19:56 16 Oct 04

You'll have to download the spec, but I don't think REN will come into the equation.

If necessary, you can increase the REN to 11:

click here

  Graham ® 19:59 16 Oct 04

I should have pointed out, the 'gizmo' only works with 56k internet.

  mco 20:29 16 Oct 04

Thanks! I'm on broadband so I guess the 'gizmo' won't be any good for me. On the other hand, if I get the REN increaser I suppose I could just add another phone line extension into his room in the conventional way.

  Magik ®© 20:41 16 Oct 04

or of course get a base unit and add a few wireless linked handsets to that..we have 3 phones plugged in and 3 handsets and they all work...

  mco 20:45 16 Oct 04

I just basically want a phone socket in his room to add him to our broadband network - I don't need it for a phone. Actually we're probably over 4 REN as it is - we have one conventional phone, two plugged in with cordless handsets and two other sockets just for internet connection. That's ...er five REN already... think I'll go buy that REN extension booster.

  mco 20:47 16 Oct 04

that's to say that with our BT broadband network system you can add extra pcs via the phone line rather than ethernet or wireless; hence I just wanted a simple way of adding another phone socket.

  Graham ® 20:53 16 Oct 04

A wired extension would be the best solution if it is easily achievable, and your sons' room would be the only broadband connection. A broadband modem does not increase the REN.

However, I get the impression what you are after is networking broadband, which is a whole new kettle of fish!

  Graham ® 21:00 16 Oct 04

Crossed in the post, but press on. The sockets for internet connection will not have a REN value. It's not the number of sockets, it's what's plugged in to them. Broadband modems don't ring!

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