Elderly Luddite in need of assistance!

  kimtrnc 15 Jul 11

Having struggled with 7 for several years, I have decided that I really, REALLY, don't like it. No doubt there will be lots of other problems, but at the moment I am unable to actually send any emails through Windows Live Mail, which I assumed would work perfectly. Wrong!! Could some kind person tell me what I should be doing? My email provider is gmail.

  onthelimit1 15 Jul 11

This link text any help?

  gengiscant 15 Jul 11

Or you could just use Gmail, and have it as a home page, then you would have no need for Windows live Mail.

  chub_tor 15 Jul 11

Click Here will take you to the page for setting up GMail in Windows Live Mail. It needs to be set as an IMAP account on the Incoming Mail Server with Incoming Mail IMAP.GMAIL.COM and Outgoing Mail SMTP.GMAIL.COM. I have mine set up that way and it works perfectly. The page I have linked to will explain simply all the steps to follow for Live Mail which is different from the link by onthelimit1 which is for Windows Mail and not Live Mail.

Stick with Windows 7, it will grow on you and is very stable.

  onthelimit1 15 Jul 11

Whoops, sorry!

  Woolwell 15 Jul 11

I use pop Gmail with Outlook without any snags.

To set up pop see Google mail pop help

  chub_tor 15 Jul 11

Woolwell on the page you linked to if you look at the supported POP email clients you will see only Windows Mail listed, not Windows Live Mail. I don't think that you can configure GMail for POP in Live Mail, it needs to be IMAP, although it seems to work in POP for Outlook.

  Woolwell 15 Jul 11

My link was to other e-mail clients. I have pop gmail running on Windows Live Mail on my Vista laptop.

  lotvic 15 Jul 11

Most problems are because people haven't first enabled POP on the web server, as per Gmails instructions Enabling POP


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