Elderly HP multifunction simply sits

  jack 17:36 20 Apr 09

And chatters to itself- so said one of my flock
So I want to look.
He is right- no matter what was done reload driver/software or operated in Stand Alone mode, change carts- it just sits and creates a clatter.
Suggested it was plain senile and should be sent to the tip.
But has any one experienced this and cured it?

  provider 2 17:41 20 Apr 09

Driver updates required?

You will need to type in the exact serial or model code number though:

click here

  Diemmess 17:52 20 Apr 09

"it just sits and creates a clatter"
Even in scanning mode or just when it should print?

I had an Epson Printer which within a couple of months of purchase did just that!

Telephine moan to Epson who sent an engineer next day and cured its paralysis and the appalling racket like it was rearing itself apart.

All he did was to use a cotton bud and a thin fine machine oil to lubricate the shiney bar along which the whole printing mechanism travels.

This had gone dry or had never been lubricated, and the stepper motor made the fuss because it was stalled.

He did use lots of kitchen towel paper to remove any surplus oil!

I said it was low-tech but it might possibly just be your answer

  Woolwell 18:20 20 Apr 09

Diemmess - An Epson engineer did that with my old 740 but he used olive oil.

However not sure how that would work with an HP.

  jack 18:36 20 Apr 09

Moves just fine- and smoothly- as the scan top is opened, so the carts moved to change position- with the background clatter still clattering.

As stated the clatter occures in stand alone mode - not driver then.

To the Tip to the Tip I say.;-]

  provider 2 23:25 20 Apr 09

Or give it a thorough clean, perhaps:click here

  jack 13:49 21 Apr 09

But enough info for said 'flock member' to make a decision.

  provider 2 13:55 21 Apr 09


Blinking lights and what they mean ... may give some clue as to what`s wrong with it:

click here

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