Eject USB flash drive

  Johnboy 09:40 22 Mar 04

I run XP Home.

I used to have a neat little icon next to the clock on the task bar that I right clicked when I wanted to eject a usb flash drive wihtout losing data.

But it has dissapeared.

How can I restore it?

  Gemma 09:46 22 Mar 04

Does the icon appear in the tray when you have a USB drive connected, or has it gone completely?

  Johnboy 13:30 22 Mar 04

Gone completely

  Gemma 14:49 22 Mar 04

It might have become hidden. Right-click the notification area, and select Properties. Under the Notification area heading, click Customize. Find the Safely Remove Hardware icon and de-select Always hide in the Behavior column next to it (press OK and Apply to back out).

  pj123 16:11 22 Mar 04

I have not come up against this problem, as the whole idea of USB is that you can plug it in and unplug it whenever you like without having to power down the computer, which is what I do and I have not had any problems yet.

  surfer girl 16:28 22 Mar 04

The whole point pj123 is to make sure that the usb drive is not being read when you pull it out so avoiding destroying data.

  Djohn 17:03 22 Mar 04

I agree but the "Safely remove hardware Icon" isn't absolutely necessary as their should be a light on the pen drive itself. Once this stops flashing then it's safe to remove. j.

  Gemma 18:11 22 Mar 04

The "Safely remove hardware Icon" is not just for pen drives. Depending on the OS, the device type and data being moved about, different things need to be done to dismount the device. If caching had been in use for, say, higher performance on an external hard drive, then the OS has to ensure that the buffers have been flushed to ensure data integrity on the device. Some USB devices use drivers which are only loaded while the device is connected (and mounted) and need to be removed. Windows will check all attached USB devices whenever one is added or removed to ensure that the addressing is clean.

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