Egyption hirogliphics

  Zebrapec 23:08 16 Dec 04

First, sorry about the spelling.
I keep getting e-mails, with attachments that look like symbols from an Egyption tomb. the letter 'A' has what looks like two vey small circles above it. I cannot remember the others, because I panicked and deleted them. Has anyone any idea what they were? please.

  SANTOS7 23:18 16 Dec 04

Cant tell you what they are, But the best bit of advice i can give you is to totally ignore any emails from sources you do not recognise and do not open the attachments as they are more likely to carry virus's and all manner of other nafarious inclusions, good luck..........

  NickyK 23:36 16 Dec 04

There have been lots of warnings from McAfee etc about a new spate of e-mails with bad attachments recently (including a nasty Xmas card thing), so I would do what you've done and ignore these hieroglyph things until someone tells you just what they are. These e-mails are characterized by weird letterings (perhaps like what you have encountered).

Interestingly enough, the Egyptians didn't really use vowels in hieroglyphs in the same way we do in modern writing. Their stuff was more like text-messages or a rhebus puzzle. An A with two dots above it sounds German to me (or Danish if its got a tiny "o" at the apex of the A). An "ah" sound in Ancient Egyptian was represented by a vulture (ah) or a bent arm with hand (long "a" as in "bar").

  Wak 09:02 17 Dec 04

If you haven't already got it, I suggest you download "Mailwasher" to help avoid opening e-mails like that.

  Sethhaniel 09:14 17 Dec 04

the scammer use strange characters to fool the anti-spam software -which is usually set up to stop certain words etc, - by using strange alphabets it gets through the defenses -
Delete them all ;)

  Diodorus Siculus 09:48 17 Dec 04

ieSpell - Spell Checker add-on for Internet Explorer
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SpellBound - Spellchecker for Firefox and the Mozilla Suite
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if spelling is a worry! I don't see why it should worry people as long as the message can be understood but as you began with an apology for your spelling... :-)

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