Editing the right-click Open With programs list?

  Brazils 20:47 22 Nov 03

I have a few file types that have a couple of erroneous entries.

For example, if I right-click on a Jpeg file and choose Open With, there are a few recommended programs such as Element2, Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, Paint, etc.

I also have a few that I would like to remove because they don't apply to the file type.

Can anyone tell me how to remove them?

It can't be done via Folder Options, File types as far as I can see.


  Pesala 21:12 22 Nov 03

Better wait for the experts unless you are confident in using regedit.

The info can be found in your registry by searching for JPEG, and you will find a key in Windows\Explorer called OpenWithList for each file extension.

My guess is all you got to do is delete the offending keys, but please wait for expert confirmation unless you like bungee jumping.

  Jester2K II 21:15 22 Nov 03

The list isn't file type specific (ie you can't edit it so only Image Editing Software is listed for jpgs etc).

Any editing of the list (if possible) will effect ALL file types in the same manner.

The list doesn't know what software DOES (ie Word processor or Image Editing) when it presents it. It just presents everything.

  Jester2K II 21:17 22 Nov 03

I stand corrected.

Looks like Pesala is on the right line but far to complicated for me...

  powerless 21:24 22 Nov 03
  MichelleC 10:01 23 Nov 03

Here's a place to start with reg tweeks click here . There is a right-click editing tool out there but I've lost the url.

  leo49 10:28 23 Nov 03

click here

Usual hollow disclaimers re Registry editing.

  Brazils 10:36 23 Nov 03

Thanks for responding. I searched in Google for ages, but I couldn't find the answer.

Have you used this program?

  Brazils 10:51 23 Nov 03

No help there, I'm afraid.

I followed it through and found no way to edit the list included in "Open with"

Thanks for trying.

  leo49 11:00 23 Nov 03

As it's the method I use to edit mine a mischevious person might suggest you have 2 problems. :o)

  Brazils 11:10 23 Nov 03


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